- If you love welted and whipped asses like I do then you will enjoy Pain Gate! It features 2 German sisters; Laura and Barbara, and may I say these two have perfect luscious round asses that this Bi-Slut would just love to lick and of course whip! These two babes love to be strung up; even inverted, and be whipped extremely hard so that their asses are WELTED RED! This site is definitely for the faint of heart!


paingate05.jpg paingate06.jpg paingate07.jpg paingate08.jpg
paingate09.jpg paingate10.jpg paingate11.jpg paingate12.jpg
paingate13.jpg paingate14.jpg paingate15.jpg paingate16.jpg
paingate17.jpg paingate18.jpg paingate19.jpg paingate20.jpg
paingate21.jpg paingate22.jpg paingate23.jpg paingate24.jpg
paingate25.jpg paingate26.jpg paingate27.jpg paingate28.jpg


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