Got a question about BDSM? Maybe one on Anal Sex? or perhaps it is a "How can I get my wife to..." well this is the place for you to ask our bisexual suburban sweethears! Just send off a your question here to Jean and she will do their best to answer it for you by posting it right here in the Fetish Experts! Don't worry either, your annonimity is paramount and guaranteed so you don't have to be shy!


Q for jean : Do you like to put your fingers into a guy's asshole while blowing him and rubbing his prostate to make him cum more and harder?     Henry

Answer : Hi again Henry :), I love to regularly stuff not just my fingers, but my strap-on or rather regularly, a butt plug into a guys ass while he is fucking me. I often make my husband and boyfriends wear one and I use a pretty decent sized one for them so it really rocks when I play with it as we fuck! They all say it blows their mind and truly intensifies their orgasm. I personally think every guy should try having their ass stimulated at least once in life! You will find you probably rather like it.      Love Jean

Q for Jean : Do you like giving footjobs? Do you like it when the guy cums on your feet? Would you lick the sperm off your feet. Please let me know, thanks.    Henry

Answer : Hi Henry, I like cum questions!!!! YES I love foot jobs, I am a real foot slut. I love rubbing feet and having mine rubbed, sucking them (and mine too). I really get off on playing with guys cocks and balls with my toes and have been know to stuff my big toe into a guys asshole on occasion! If I get really foot horny, I will suck my own toes while I masturbate :) Now on cum, I am a sperm addict, so I love foot creampies and I never waste cum and always lick it off....Unless it is one of my male slaves.....then I make them get their face down to my feet and lick and and eat up their cum......or maybe even better if it is the cum from still another guy!  God Bless slaves :)~   Love Jean


Q for Jean : Have you ever been gang banged and then had a guy eat you out? I would
love to eat a creampie pussy out any suggestions about where I can do this??    Kev

Answer : Hi Kev, thanks for the great and sexy question :)~ Hi, Yes I have been gang banged, but I have never had a guy who has eaten a creampie from my pussy yet. A girl has, but not a guy.....yet :)~ Your best bet to meet a girl like this is a personal ad or a local swing club! Good Luck in your search, they are out there xooxo     Jean :)

Q for Jean : I would like to know if, you have tried smelling your own dress shoes? Does that act turn you on? Do you like the way they look? I hear that some women, like to smell their own shoes. It makes them wet. Is it possible? Thank You.      Thierry

Answer : Hi Thierry, thanks for the question :) good one too! The smell of my dress shoes is something that does turn me on. I have a pretty big foot fetish, I really enjoy the scent of sexy shoes, especially leather. ON looks, I love the look of feet and shoes, especially ones hanging off a sexy pedicure foot. Simply the smell and just looking at feet gets me wet and I t is fairly regular that sexy feet in stilettos, especially in BDSM scenes are one of the things I masturbate to here on my computer. So yes my friend the smell and sight of feet and shoes gets me exceptionally wet ( to say the least :) Lately too I get soaked just putting on my thigh hi boots that one of my slaves purchased for me! !!!      Love Jean


Q for Jean : jean I really love when you stretch and gape your pussy, it looks pretty hot being so wide open and my husband lost his mind when he saw it and now wants me to stretch. But does it stay rather huge and well, pardon me, kind of loose? But as the devils advocate we saw in your videos that getting stretched or fisted makes you squirt like a fountain so obviously it must feel pretty good! Hope you don't mind the personal nature of this, but before I consider a little gaping, I thought I'd ask.     Andrea from California

Answer : Hi Andrea, thanks for the question, and on it being of personal nature, no problem, that's what this section of the Fetish Experts is all about! On my stretching, I love it and like you, thought it looks pretty hot. The first time I had my hand totally inside of another girls cunt, I myself was addicted! But now on being loose, No I don't stay loose. Your cunt remember is all muscle, so whether it is your cunt or asshole your stretching, you are just training the muscle to relax and expand. When done a fun fisting or stretching session, it goes back the way it was. But take your time and do it slow and right. On the orgasmic effects for me, your right on, being hugely opened and fisted gets makes me squirt in multiples! So personally, I do encourage all sexy minded women to give it a try at least once. Plus just practicing stretching is a very relaxing, put on some nice soft music, close your eyes explore yourself and when ready insert a few fingers and pull your cunt or asshole slowly apart while taking some deep slow breaths! I think you'll surprise yourself at how you do and ...the amazing feeling!      Love Jean